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Kansas City Star Confirms Henderson Visit Is Canceled

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On Monday, Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star joined the chorus of those reporting free agent DT John Henderson would be making a visit to Kansas City. Citing Henderson's agent, Teicher said the visit would happen today.

As we've learned, that won't be happening. Teicher confirmed Jason La Canfora's report that Henderson is not visiting the Chiefs.

"Defensive lineman John Henderson will not be making his scheduled visit to see the Chiefs, at least not today as scheduled," Teicher reports. "The reason for the postponement, or cancellation, is unclear at the moment."

This is getting interesting. Henderson, Teicher and Newsday all cite Henderson's agent as the source for their reports that Henderson was visiting Kansas City.

So, as best we can tell, a visit was scheduled at one point in time. Now it is not.

I'm eager to hear the explanation behind this one.