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Herm: 'There's No Question Dorsey Can Play Nose Tackle'

There have been some rumors floating around that the Chiefs were talking to Glenn Dorsey about playing nose tackle in the 3-4 defense. According to the man who drafted him, that wouldn't be a problem.

"He can do that," former Chiefs coach Herm Edwards said of Dorsey playing nose tackle. "There's no question. Yeah, he can do that. He can hold up on the double team. There's no doubt."

Herm was talking to Mr. Steven St. John on 810 WHB this morning about the reports that John Henderson would be visiting (or might not be visiting). He said Henderson would be a defensive end in the 3-4 and is great at stopping the run. The potential arrival of Henderson led to the question of whether Dorsey could play nose.

Herm seems to think he can.

"Remember, Bo Pelini coached Ndamukong Suh and Glenn Dorsey. Remember that. They're the same system. Ndamukong Suh is more talented, obviously, than Glenn Dorsey. But Glenn Dorsey was a two-gap guy that they didn't ask to rush too much down there. He can hold up with the double team. He can live in that world."

He suggested the Chiefs defense would improve right off the bat with the addition of defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel and defensive backs coach Emmitt Thomas, as well as linebacker coach Gary Gibbs.

Crennel, specifically, is a former defensive line coach so if anyone can turn Dorsey into a nose tackle, it'll be him.

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