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Man Beaten Up At Arrowhead By Raiders Fans Settles Lawsuit With Chiefs

File this one under 'Only The Raiders':

The Kansas City Chiefs club has settled a lawsuit a man filed after Oakland Raiders fans allegedly beat him up while he was tailgating at Arrowhead Stadium.

Alyson E. Raletz of reports the man, Terral Cline of Lenexa, KS, originally filed the lawsuit in July of 2009. He racked up $27,000 in medical expenses for the incident, which he blames on the Chiefs.

Cline also claims that this isn't the first time an asssault has taken place at Arrowhead.

Cline alleged three counts of negligence, claiming that the Chiefs knew of various other assaults in its parking lot, yet didn’t provide adequate security.

The Chiefs denied all the allegations, by the way, and claimed the November 6th, 2005 incident was caused by him being drunk. The lawyer for the man confirmed the settlement. The Chiefs didn't comment.

This doesn't sound as bad as the last time we heard about a Raiders fan getting in a fight.

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