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John Henderson Says He'll "Play Wherever Coach Wants Me To Play"

News came out this morning that John Henderson was visiting the Chiefs and a few hours later we'e already heard from him, courtesy Nick Wright of 610 Sports. Henderson joined Wright's show this afternoon about 10 minutes.

Henderson told Wright his workout with the Chiefs is on Wednesday -- not tomorrow.

"It's just the way we scheduled it," Henderson said of his free agent tour. "My options are open."

There have been some questions of where Henderson -- 6'7" and 335 pounds -- would play. But, as SB Nation's Big Cat Country pointed out, he played defensive end when the Jaguars were in a 3-4 last year. Wright asked him if he came to Kansas City because of potential playing time along the defensive line, specifically nose tackle. Henderson didn't say anything about nose tackle but did indicate he was willing to lose some weight to play defensive end.

"If coach thinks I need to drop some pounds and be 325, I can definitely do that if they want me at [defensive] end," he said. "It's all about me being flexible and being able to move and pass rush when it's time to rush. I can do it at 330 but I'm flexible to do anything."

A Henderson signing would raise quite a questions, none bigger than what happens to Glenn Dorsey. If Henderson came in to play defensive end in the Chiefs 3-4, surely he would be replacing Dorsey. Would he then be moved to nose tackle?

Even if Henderson isn't necessarily a true need at this point, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has said a few times that he's abotu collecting good football players. Apparently the Chiefs feel he fits that criteria.

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