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2010 NFL Draft: Only Cleveland, New Orleans Beat Kansas City In TV Ratings

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Photo credit: AP user tomahawk44
Photo credit: AP user tomahawk44

10 wins over three years and Kansas City is still jazzed about their team. I think this speaks volumes.

For the 5-6PM time slot on day two of the draft, Kansas City did quite well for themselves:

Cleveland, where the Browns had the seventh overall pick, had a rating of 7.5 percent of households tuned to the start of the draft, followed by New Orleans (6.2), where the Super Bowl champions had the 32nd pick.

Kansas City, where the Chiefs had the fifth pick, had a rating of 6.1, followed by Columbus, Ohio, 5.2; and Austin, 4.2.

The Chiefs draft party was also well attended with loud fans. Chiefs DE Glenn Dorsey noted on his Twitter account that the Chiefs fans were loud.

Here's a recap of that draft party.

Not bad numbers, huh?

(H/T WtexKC)