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2010 NFL Draft: Photos Of The Chiefs Draft Table At Radio City Music Hall


I snapped some photos of what the floor looked like at Radio City Music Hall this weekend.

In front of the media were 32 team tables. Each team would go on the clock and the person sitting at the team table would receive a call alerting them to the draft pick that's been chose. That person would then write it on a card and walk up to the front and hand it over to one of the NFL's reps. That person would then give it to Roger Goodell or whoever was announcing the pick.

More photos of the Chiefs team table after the jump.


If you can make it out, that's the Chiefs team table. This is to the left of where I was sitting. The podium you saw on TV is up there on the right.


This is the Chiefs draft table.


A closer look.


Yes, those are M&Ms. Why? You've got me.


Everything, down to the headphones, are tailor-made for the Chiefs.

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