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Report: DT John Henderson Visiting The Chiefs Tomorrow

[Update: The workout is occurring Wednesday,]

You said you were worried that the Chiefs didn't take a nose tackle in the 2010 NFL draft?

Well, maybe this is why they didn't.

Tom Rock of Newsday reports DT John Henderson is scheduled to visit the Chiefs tomorrow.

Henderson, 31, was released from the Jaguars this morning. SB Nation's Big Cat Country says the "writing has been on the wall" since the Jags drafted three defensive tackles in the last two drafts. He was reportedly on the trade block over the weekend, which might explain why the Chiefs chose to ignore nose tackle in the draft.

He's a massive 6'7", 328 pound defensive tackle. He's played in the Jaguars 4-3 defense since they made him the ninth overall pick in the 2002 draft.

I'm not sure why a 31-year old veteran would be interested in a position switch, especially a switch to nose tackle, which is arguably the most physically demanding position in football. It's hard to see him coming here as a defensive end, considering the depth the Chiefs have there, but several people are saying he makes sense as a 3-4 DE (as he was with the Jags last year).

[Editor's Note: I wanted to highlight some comments below. Henderson has 3-4 defensive end experience and, if that's what the Chiefs are viewing him as, it's possible this is a sign they're serious about moving Glenn Dorsey to nose tackle.]

The Chiefs could choose to make up his mind for him with a big contract offer.

The Chiefs have Ron Edwards, Shaun Smith and Dion Gales as the only nose tackles on the roster.

He's missed just eight starts in his eight year career.

(H/T nycchief for the first FanShot)

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