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Chiefs Shaky Nose Tackle Situation Draws UDFA Garrett Brown To Kansas City

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This might sound a little strange but sometimes it's better to go undrafted than drafted in the seventh round. This is because undrafted free agents can choose who they sign with.

Minnesota's Garrett Brown figured he could go anywhere after the third round but went undrafted. As an undrafted free agent, he had to pick the team that gave him the best shot at making the final roster.

Once he went undrafted, Brown and his agent ran through a list of the NFL teams that best suited his services. San Diego was one option. Brown interviewed with the Chargers a week before the draft. But it was Kansas City, Brown said, that showed the most interest and gave him the best opportunity to compete for a roster spot.

Of all the teams he had an opportunity to sign with -- at least 18 showed interest before the draft -- it was Kansas City that he felt gave him the best shot to make the team.

The Chiefs were the first team to call and the deal was done by 7:00 PM on Saturday.

So...what does that say about how the league-wide perception of the Chiefs nose tackle situation?

It ain't very good. I wouldn't be surprised to see some changes. Remember, veterans could be getting the heave-ho if a team just selected his replacement in the draft. This could be an interesting couple of weeks here.

(H/T WtexKC in the FanShots)

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