2010 NFL Draft: Chiefs Draft Party At Arrowhead


From the FanPosts -Joel

Hey guys! I promised some pictures to show what the Chiefs draft party was like. I've gone picture-by-picture after the jump to show how the draft party moves along.



Arrived at my hotel (Drury Inn) at 3:30 PM and only had 30 minutes until the doors opened at Arrowhead. This is a view from my room. We then drove over to the lot and got a ride in on the shuttles because it was pouring down rain.


Josh Looney was starting the live broadcast on when we arrived.


Brandon Flowers doing an interview with Mitch Holthus, Soren Petro and Kendall Gammon. Other people doing interviews included Clark Hunt, Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis.


That's me with Brandon Flowers and Chris Chambers. They were at a table for Sprint calling anybody you want and chatting from a Sprint cell phone. Flowers tried calling my Dad but didn't get him so now my Dad has a voicemail from Brandon to show off.


Multiple players where on hand to sign autographs. Pictured above, I am with Ryan Succop and below is Glenn Dorsey and Alex Magee. Other players that attended and gave autographs included Ryan Lilja, Jereheme Urban, Wallace Gilberry, Jamaal Charles, Colin Brown, Derek Lokey and others. Former players also attended.



Yes, thats Scott Pioli and it was moments after he selected Mr. Eric Berry. We made sure Pioli knew that we supported his decision especially since he chose to speak with the fans before the media. Long live Scott Pioli!


Get ready Berry and Co. this place will be rocking come Monday Night Football!

After the draft party we headed back to the hotel for the night. I did have one last Chief sighting the next day though. My wife decided she wanted to go shopping so we went to the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park and as we were coming out of a store guess who goes walking by? Mr. Brandon Flowers! Very cool thing to experience. I'd never see a pro football player at my local mall!

That is the draft party in a nutshell. Any questions just hit me up!

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