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2010 NFL Draft: New Chiefs FS Kendrick Lewis Has "Scott Pioli's Fingerprints All Over It"

There's a good blurb over on from Spencer Hall (of EDSBS fame) talking about the Patriots drafting three Florida Gators and where they were in the evaluation process.

"All had minor dings coming out of the public evaluation process, something Bill Belichick clearly values as much as a sweater made of knit dog hair and a pile of old shredded receipts," he wrote. These "dings", he explains, generally had very little to do with how they performed on the field (40 times, character concerns, etc).

Now, the Chiefs just drafted FS Kendrick Lewis who, like the players in the link above, had a minor ding.

He ran a 4.72 and a 4.81 forty yard dash, which scared some folks off because it's not a great time for a defensive back.

But "some folks" is not Scott Pioli, NFL Network's Mike Mayock explains.

"But when you put the tape on, you see No. 1 flying all over the field," Mayock writes. "He had two INTs, three forced fumbles, two kick blocks and he was voted a captain by his teammates. This pick has Scott Pioli's fingerprints all over it. He's a good character, try-hard, overachiever type that will work his tail off to get better."

Another in a long line of Pioli's fingerprints in this draft.

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