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2010 NFL Draft: Two New Kansas City Chiefs Already Share a Bond

Today on the NFL Network, Texas coach Mack Brown said that team chemistry was one of the most underrated aspects of the pro game. He was talking with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about Roy Williams, Miles Austin and Tony Romo about how Austin had developed a clear chemistry with Romo and Williams was still working on it.

Two of the newest Kansas City Chiefs - Dexter McCluster and Kendrick Lewis - may not be a QB/WR combination but they both know each very well from their time at 'Ole Miss.

Lewis was asked quite a few questions in his first conference call as a Chief about his relationship with McCluster. Both players came to 'Ole Miss as receivers and have been roommates ever since.

In fact, when Lewis was drafted by KC, Dexter was one of the first people to hit him up on his cell phone. Lewis said, "After I got picked, he was one of the first ones to text me and the first thing he said was ‘It’s on, let’s make it happen.’ That’s what we plan on doing."

Speaking on team chemistry, Lewis noted that he felt that having McCluster on the same team was a big help. He said, "That’ll definitely be helpful to have a guy like Dexter, a guy that you know you feel close to. That’s a guy I’d love to play with. That’s a guy that I think anyone would be having kind, that caliber of person and player along with me, that’s going to definitely help the situation."

One of the more interesting things to come out of this conference call about Lewis and McCluster's relationship was Dexter's sleeping habits. "Dexter was a guy who used to dream a lot, he used to have dreams the night before game and he was dreaming about what he was going to do the next day. We used to share those moments with each other, things like that."

"He would just dream about him, like what I would do, I would play a couple series of a game in my head, with him, he would dream of him making plays, of him scoring a touchdown, those are the type of things he talked about. To me, I used to do just play a couple series in my head before I went to bed."

We'll have to work in some dream related nickname for McCluster over the off season. These two sound very tight and that can only mean good things for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2010.

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