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2010 NFL Draft: Wrapping Up Day Two At Radio City Music Hall


Day two of the NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall was a lot of fun. There wasn't as much "buzz" as the first round but the atmosphere was still exciting.

Things were a little more fast-paced because there was less time between picks. We were a little tired from day one. But overall it was a very good experience.

Here are a few thoughts from day two.

Carl Peterson in the house

As I was making my way downstairs last evening, I noticed a familiar face.

Carl Peterson.

No, I didn't talk to the former Chiefs GM but I found it interesting he was there. As you know, Mr. Peterson is the Chairman of USA Football, which is the governing body of youth football.

On Saturday, there will be a few high school football teams in attendance so that's possibly why Mr. Peterson is around.

He was also at the NFL owners' meetings last month.

So about that Raiders pick...

Yesterday, it was announced that the Raiders were on the clock at one point. The clock ran out of time and quickly it was announced that the Patriots had their pick in.

Because the trade wasn't announced here for some reason, folks thought the Raiders had missed their picks (which of course caused a lot of "That's about right" from the crowd").

And it wasn't just us who thought that. There's a guy for each team here who turns in the card of the player picked. The guy from the Ravens table, thinking the Raiders missed their pick, jumped up and literally ran to the table to turn in his card.

And then, after we realized that the Raiders didn't miss their pick, the Ravens guy was at the table trying to figure out what was going.

Fairly comical watching all of it go down.

And the consensus is....

....the Chiefs have a very solid draft so far. The folks around here who know more about the draft than I do are impressed with the Chiefs draft so far.

"They're getting great football-only guys," a NFL writer told me. "There was some hubbub in '09 about drafting some non-character guys but I love these picks."

Our reactions on AP have been mixed about the Chiefs draft so far but if you ask the "experts", things are going very well.

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