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2010 NFL Draft: Chiefs GM Says Team Speed Was A Focus

I think Mr. Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star nailed it when he said last night, "Pioli made sense tonight when he said the Chiefs needed to improve the team's speed. That's very true. Verrrry true."

Indeed Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said improving the overall team speed was important. As Mr. Babb said, the Chiefs were one of, if not the slowest team in the NFL last year.

So how have they addressed that?

  • Eric Berry
  • Dexter McCluster
  • Javier Arenas

All speed guys. Sure, they do plenty of other things very well but speed is one of the major ones.

"We became a faster football team today," Pioli said.

I like the direction the Chiefs offense is going in with this speed. You've got Jamaal Charles -- and now McCluster -- who are both speed guys. Throw in all the adjectives you want -- electrifying, game-changer, lightning fast. It's all there.

These moves make sense, too. Dwayne Bowe is a very good blocker. McCluster needs one big block to get into space. You see? These guys are starting to be the "right fit."

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