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2010 NFL Draft: Broncos Coach Josh McDaniels "Can Kiss Job Goodbye"

By the end of the first round, the Broncos had two first round picks but how they used those picks is drawing some attention. QB Tim Tebow and WR Demaryius Thomas are good players but they're not QB Jay Cutler and WR Brandon Marshall.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports has noticed this and written an article that Chiefs fan can enjoy.

Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels should enjoy the next year or two in Denver. Really. Soak all of it in. Enjoy being a head coach. Enjoy making all the decisions.

Your days are numbered.

Prisco points out the incredible emphasis McDaniels is placing on character over talent. No way Tebow is a better quarterback then Cutler and there's no way Thomas is a better receiver than Marshall.

Prisco continues:

Why not pick the altar boys from the parish down the street? Aren't they good kids? Or maybe you can pick all the "A" students in this draft? It doesn't matter if they can play. Just make sure they are good "yes men."

The sarcasm font is in heavy use there but Prisco's point is made. What is Josh McDaniels doing?

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