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2010 NFL Draft: Chiefs May Have Decision To Make If Clausen Is Available

The story of the second round at this point is where Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen will go. Several quarterback-needy teams passed him up in the first round and he surprisingly slid to the second round.

Last night, ESPN's Adam Schefter said Charlie Weis will spend the evening trying to convince the Chiefs to draft Clausen with the fourth pick in the second round.

On ESPN Radio this morning (via PFT), Schefter said the Chiefs liked Clausen enough to take him fifth overall. It's just that they liked Eric Berry more.

So, if Clausen is available at the 36th pick, the Chiefs are going to have an awful tough decision to make.

If they liked him enough at five, then it's hard to think they'd pass him up at 36.

Then again, the Chiefs have holes all over the place so is a player who, in the best-case scenario, wouldn't see the field for several years a logical choice? Not really.

But Scott Pioli has said on numerous occasions that he's in the business of collecting good football players. And the Chiefs apparently think he's a good football player.

This will be an interesting decision.

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