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2010 NFL Draft: Eric Berry Was The Chiefs Target From The Start

The NFL draft is so unpredictable that very few teams can head into the first day knowing who they'll take. There are so many variables. Will a team reach on this player? Will another player fall?

Well, that wasn't the case with Eric Berry.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said walking into the building yesterday morning, Berry was the target. He's the guy they wanted.

I've heard that the Chiefs decided on Tyson Jackson last year nearly a month in advance. While Haley wouldn't give a timeline of the Berry pick, he did say there were signs all along he would be the guy.

"I think it’s been building," Haley said of selecting Berry.I don’t know that I have a specific time but there were just a bunch of those points during this process that Scott and I would look at each other, whisper to each other that this might be the guy."

One of those points was when it was revealed that Berry would help the equipment manager at Tennessee shine the helmets on Fridays before home games.

“I just wanted to help the guys out and give a sense of appreciation to the managers on our team," Berry said. "They work so hard and I wanted to put myself in their shoes so I could appreciate what they do for me."

Though something like this certainly wasn't the deciding factor, it's part of the process.

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