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2010 NFL Draft: Eric Berry Will Play Safety, Not Corner For The Chiefs

That headline may sound a little bit like Captain Obvious but before the draft there were some folks suggesting Eric Berry could be converted to a cornerback in the NFL. These reports went so far as to say certain teams -- such as the Browns --  had Berry projected as a corner and not a safety.

Todd Haley's was asked about Berry's role on Thursday after the Chiefs selection.

"That’s one of the big positives with him is that he does have some position flexibility, so to speak," Haley said. "He’s shown the ability to cover in man-to-man situations and he’s a very good down in the box hitter and he’s been real good in the back end out in the open field. On top of that, he looks like he has a little knack for pressuring the quarterback."

The versatility is nice (and a hallmark of the new Chiefs) but they view him as a safety because A.) if you haven't heard he's pretty good at that position and B.) they're happy with the set of corners they have now.

"I don't really think [they see me as a cornerback]," Berry said last night in Radio City Music Hall. "I think that I can play corner, but I think they are very satisfied with the two corners they have, and they wanted me to come in as a safety. I'm ready to go to work."

There you have it.

Not that this was much of a question in our minds but for clarity's sake, I think it needed to be pointed out.

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