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Will The Chiefs Take Jimmy Clausen in the Second Round of the NFL Draft?

So here's the big question heading into Day Two: Will new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis get any say in the Chiefs next choice? That's because two of his own are available for the taking -- one a surprising option. Both QB Jimmy Clausen and WR Golden Tate are available to be taken by someone, probably at the top half of the second round for both. It's an interesting quandary considering the connections and you have to wonder who wins in the dog fight of the war room.

Adam Schefter has already sent out a message on Twitter saying:

Chiefs OC Charlie Weis is going to spend tonight trying to convince the Chiefs to draft Jimmy Clausen in the second round.

Yet Scott Pioli already made his strike last year, investing a high dollar contract and a second round pick to grab his quarterback for the foreseeable future. At the same time, Weis would be aware of Claussen's ability more than any and the Chiefs might have a tough choice. After all, if a franchise quarterback falls into your lap, you have to think about it at least.

So the stage is set for a battle of wills. Perhaps Schefter doesn't know what he's talking about or is making conjecture. At the same time, Schefter's often been a solid source of information to this point.

What are your thoughts?

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