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2010 NFL Draft: Get Ready To Say Hello To Your Future Kansas City Chiefs

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Update 6:57 PM: The Washington Redskins have selected OT Trent Williams. Hogs Haven has more.

Update 6:52 PM: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have selected DT Gerald McCoy. Head to Buc 'Em for more.

Update 6:44 PM: The Detroit Lions have taken DT Ndamukong Suh. See Pride of Detroit for the Lions fans' reactions. 

Update 6:40 PM: The St. Louis Rams have selected QB Sam Bradford.  See Turf Show Times for more.

Yes, it's finally here AP readers. The 2010 NFL draft. 

This is the first of many open threads of this whole process and we'll do our best to keep it organized. This is how it's going down:

  • This first thread(s) are for the first four picks of the draft: St. Louis, Detroit, Tampa Bay and Washington. 
  • Once the Chiefs pick, we'll post a brand new thread.
  • After that, we'll post new threads for the rest of the first round, as needed.

You ready?