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Clark Hunt Says The Chiefs Have Been Receiving Trade Offers

Chiefs owner, Clark Hunt, joined Between the Lines on 810 Sports Radio earlier today to give some insight to the Chiefs draft this evening. Mr. Hunt had an interesting comment about what might happen when the Chiefs are on the clock this evening. 

Hunt stated that, "We've been called about a trade". 

Read the full transcription of the exchange and find a link to the full podcast after the jump.

Kevin Kietzman: How much of an idea do you have of where the Chiefs' will be going with this pick tonight?

Clark: Yeah, I do have a pretty good sense. Of course we are not picking number one overall, if we were picking number one, it would be easy - everybody in the draft room would know who were going to go with. Picking at number five, even though there has been a discussion about what the first four teams are going to do, nobody really knows. And, as a result, the staff has had to go through scenario analysis. What if this happens? What is there is a trade? What if somebody moves up in front of us? 

And, in fact, we've been called about a trade, so there's so many dynamics going on it's impossible to guess what's really going to happen.

Kevin: You were called today about a trade?

Clark: We've been called this week about a trade.

Kevin: And I assume something like that is still on the table as of right now?

Clark: Yeah, absolutely. 

Interesting insight from the Chiefs' owner. Will a trade actually happen, or are teams just finding out what the Chiefs' value is for the number five pick? We should have our answer very soon.

Listen to the full podcast on 810.

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