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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Says Trade Chart Is Outdated

We've talked on occasion about the trade value chart. It's essentially a chart developed years ago that gives a point value for each draft pick and outlines what's needed to make a trade.

It used to be the way trades were facilitated in the NFL.

However, as Chiefs GM Scott Pioli explained today on, the financial ramifications of a top pick are not reflected in the chart.

"Everyone has a trade value sheet," he said. "Years ago, I remember when I first was in draft rooms, watching people with the numbers and going down the list saying 'If we trade this pick, it gives us X points, and then they'll give us Y and Z but those are still 200 points behind where we want to be.'

"Conceptually," he continued, "that was a great idea in the past. In recent years, the trade charts never took into account the cost of picks from a financial standpoint. That was something that was missing."

Pioli says he tried to create a new chart while in New England with the finances accurately reflected in the point value of each pick but ultimately couldn't come up with a chart that works.

"You can look at different models and systems but at the end of the day you have to sit there and think, 'How much do we want that player?'"

Pioli was part of the Patriots that made 29 trades with draft picks and nearly two-thirds of the league so make no bones about it - he likes to make trades.

"I love to trade because I think it creates opportunity."

Now, about that trade partner....

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