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More Buzz That The Eagles Want The Chiefs 5th Pick

Over the course of the last several weeks, myself and plenty of others have pointed to the Eagles as the perfect trading partner for the Chiefs.

Last year, the Chiefs reportedly attempted to trade the third overall pick for the 20th and 33rd picks.

This year, the Eagles hold the 24th and 37th pick in the draft, which is making some folks wonder if they'll make a move for the Chiefs fifth pick.

And even more people are wondering what they'll do since they reportedly "covet" Eric Berry and Earl Thomas, two players who could go in the top ten.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has already said the Chiefs are "open for business" when it comes to trades. He's previously described draft picks as currency the way they can be used to maneuver around in the draft.

"We currently sit at five," Pioli told Mitch Holthus on today. "We could be up higher than that or lower than that on draft day. It's a very strong group that has some depth where we feel we can add some players regardless of where we're picking from that can help us this year and in the future."

Pro Football Talk passes along a report from Derrin Horton of NFL Network, who's currently stationed at the Eagles complex, that the Eagles have had discussions regarding a possible move-up to the fifth pick.

So basically, yeah, the Eagles want Berry, but for how much?

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