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Greetings From New York City

Good morning everyone. I've arrived in the Big Apple.

After months of waiting, the NFL draft is upon us. For the third consecutive year, the Chiefs are picking in the top five. The last two picks were defensive linemen. Is this year Scott Pioli goes out of his comfort zone and selects a playmaker such as safety? The safe route with another lineman? Offense or defense?

All those questions we've been asking for a couple months....Well, let's face it. We've been asking those questions since October. That's what happens when your team starts 1-7.

Nevertheless. long-awaited answers will be revealed tonight.

This is my third or fourth time in New York but first since I was a youngster so I'm very excited to be here. I plan on buying fake jewelry on the streets and trying to pass it off as real to Ms. Primetime (Don't worry - She doesn't read the site regularly). I plan on talking with some Chiefs fans around town. I'll see and speak with some NFL players as well. A future Chief? Perhaps.

I'll be at Radio City Music Hall for all seven rounds. Expect some photos, lots of updates to the site and other little tidbits along the way.

I'll also be working on's fancy draft page so make sure you check that out at various points this weekend.

We've got the rest of the day packed with stuff to talk about and that should lead us right into the draft, which starts at 6:30 PM (Arrowhead time) tonight.

Are we there yet?

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