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Just Because A Player Doesn't Visit The Chiefs, Don't Rule Him Out

As most of you know, I'll be heading to New York City in the morning to cover the 2010 NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall. As part of that process, I was given the opportunity to speak with some NFL players, one of which was Texans LB Brian Cushing. He was making the media rounds with the announcement that he's signed with Under Armour (who are getting quite the impressive client list).

I just got off the phone with him and he was pretty jazzed about signing with Under Armour because it seems that they sign the best athletes - maybe that's why their mission is to make all athletes the best.

He also had some interesting words on the Texans interest in him leading up to the draft last year.

Apparently, the only real contact between the two sides prior to the draft was a meeting at the NFL Combine. 

They didn't bring him in for a visit. He didn't work out for them.

Cushing said the most interaction was at the Combine in those 15-minute interview sessions.

I find that very interesting as we try and determine who the Chiefs pick is. We know Tyson Jackson was in for a visit last year and we know the Chiefs have had at least some form of contact with most of the candidates for the 5th pick.

Should be interesting to eventually find out how much interaction the Chiefs had with their first pick tomorrow.

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