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Add Oklahoma OT Trent Williams To The Chiefs Draft Interests

Oklahoma OT Trent Williams is making quite the surge in draft boards as of late. According to a Redskins beat writer, he's the "likely" pick for Washington's fourth overall selection. The reasoning is that he's a better fit for the Redskins zone-blocking scheme, which is a similar scheme the Chiefs run.

So, the Chiefs probably like him (if they are thinking offensive tackle).

Our old pal Patrick Allen of Arrowhead Addict is in New York and had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Williams

He says he was not one of the Chiefs 30 pre-draft visits but they did work him out.

Maybe he's not a serious candidate for the 5th pick so they didn't bring him in. Maybe they didn't want to tip their hand so they didn't bring him. We're not sure which one it is.

Head over to AA soon where Patrick will be posting video of the exchange.

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