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The Chiefs Cannot Lose on Draft Weekend

We all have our opinions. We all know the Chiefs best draft option is to choose [insert name here] with the No. 5 pick, then focus on [insert positions of need here] with our duo of second round picks. We also hope that [insert possible steal here] is still available with our third round choice. In this process of off-season armchair quarterbacking, we've all found our favorite players for various reasons and we hope they become Chiefs before its all said and done.

That being said, it is a lot of fun to debate these things. As repetitive as some of it might get, this off-season has been a blast to discuss the merits of bringing Golden Tate back to his college coach, how deep this safety class really is, whether Jerry Hughes will fall into the second round and question if Mt. Cody can keep up in Todd Haley's workout regimens. So while we have hopes for the draft and players we're rooting for, it should come as good news to at least know this -- the Chiefs find themselves in a positive scenario no matter what happens.

Consider the options:

1. Absolutely No Draft Movement - Let's say the Chiefs stand perfectly still on draft day and make absolutely zero trades to move up or down or even into next year's draft. That means the Chiefs will still have three picks in the top 50 of a fantastic draft class, including one of the best five players. That means the Chiefs receive an almost guaranteed impact-level player and two other should-be starters, filling three of 22 starting spots come September.

2. Trading From No. 5 - If the Chiefs are able to move out of the top five, they will most likely miss on grabbing a player like Eric Berry or Russell Okung or perhaps even Bryan Bulaga. However, the alternative is that they pick up even more players in a draft this deep. It may be the difference in getting Eric Berry or getting Morgan Burnett AND Golden Tate. Or it might mean the difference between getting Russell Okung or getting Terrence Cody AND Arrelious Benn. The point is, the Chiefs are going to be a LOT better after draft day(s) 2010.

3. The Additions Already In-House - By Sunday, the Chiefs will have several new players to add to their rosters and fit for uniforms. But those guys will only be further additions to what has already been a good-to-great off-season. Having asked questions first-hand of Scott Pioli at the Combine, the word on morale from all parties involved is that new coaching additions of Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis have everyone at Arrowhead buzzing. With yet another year in Todd Haley's system, the blend should be exciting to watch develop on the field.

Not only this, but the Chiefs offensive line is guaranteed to be better with Casey Wiegmann and Ryan Lilja. Matt Cassel gets to work with Chris Chambers for an entire off-season and here's hoping Dwayne Bowe returns to form. And, honestly, is there a stronger backfield in the NFL than Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones?

So while there are several holes still to address, particularly on the defensive side as Jon Yoon wrote about so well this morning, the Chiefs really cannot lose this weekend. Our draft picks won't all pan out. They never do. The draft is a dice roll even for the best of front offices, but the Chiefs have already made some fantastic moves this off-season and adding a few players from the draft will make the on-field product fun to watch.

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