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Eric Berry Says All The Right Things

I just got done listening to the Eric Berry interview with Nick Wright on 610 Sports and I came away very impressed.

Berry said his visit with the Chiefs went great. He met quite a few folks in the organization and was impressed that everyone in the building -- including secretaries and other non-football employees -- were focused on the business at hand and working hard.

He also spoke highly of Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, who actually ran the defensive backs drill of Berry's injury-shortened pro day at Tennessee.

During his visit in Kansas City, they talked about defensive schemes -- what the Chiefs would do with him and what he did at Tennessee.

He's a polite, well-spoken young man that seems to "get it" when it comes to dealing with the media.

On two occasions, Wright asked a question that gave him the opportunity to criticize someone and he didn't bite.

First, he asked why there was such a big gap between he and Taylor Mays and -- as if he'd been coached by the Chiefs PR staff -- said he can only control what he does and talked about his game. Second, Wright asked if it was unfair that a coach (i.e. Lane Kiffin) could switch schools after one year while a player had to sit out if he transferred. Berry didn't take the opportunity to bash Kiffin (which, frankly, was probably pretty hard) instead saying that when he makes a decision, he sticks with it.

As Wright said at the end of the interview, you can't really judge a person based on a twenty minute interview but if he is a "knucklehead" then he did a darn good job of hiding it.

I'll post a link to the audio when Nick puts it up.

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