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Cowboys Safety Ken Hamlin Hits The Open Market

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Bill Parcells and the Dallas Cowboys signed safety Ken Hamlin in 2007 -- one year after Todd Haley left the team. Hamlin was eventually signed to a six-year contract in 2008 (after Parcells left). He's sorta, kinda got the Parcells connection there.

Today, the Cowboys released Hamlin (and LT Flozell Adams).

The Chiefs of course have a major need at safety and while Hamlin's certainly not the long-term solution, could provide a stopgap.

ESPN's Bill Williamson takes a look at how Hamlin could fit in the AFC West.

Kansas City, San Diego and Oakland could all be in the market for a safety. The Chiefs have the biggest need at the position. If he came cheaply, Hamlin wouldn't be a terrible move for the Chiefs even if they took Tennessee's Eric Berry with the No. 5 pick.     

I could see the Chiefs taking a look. Depending on how the draft shakes out, Hamlin could be an adequate stopgap.

(H/T tomahawk44)