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With The 52nd Pick In The Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, The Pittsburgh Steelers Select...

We're trying to speed things up to finish in time and I haven't heard from the person who chose the Steelers so I'm making the pick using SB Nation's mock draft. godlovetheredman with the pick...

Well.....damn.  I felt fairly confident that things would work out in my favor in the second round and as far as available players, it played out exactly like I thought it would.  Unfortunately, the Steelers and Milledgeville, GA have made it a point to completely ruin any mock draft done up until the Santonio Holmes trade and the immense cop out by DA Fred Bright.

I came into the second round with a plan to make the Steelers a better team and I still plan on doing that, but since I have your attention, I'm going to go on a little rant for a minute.  If you are not a fan of public opinion, read the next paragraph with your eyes closed.

I hate the Steelers.  Being in Arrowhead to watch the Chiefs beat them last season was like Christmas, New Year's Eve, Cinco de Mayo and the Chinese New Year old rolled into one burrito like egg roll.  But I take this mock draft seriously just like I take offense to rapists.  Now I don't what happened in that famous one stall bathroom the night underage sorority girl(I'm not sure if that's her real name or not) accused Big Ben of touching her naughty parts, but I do know this: The male DNA that WAS found with the Rape Kit, wasn't found in her armpit which means there was foul play.  It's a rape kit.  Rape usually involves some form of sexual contact which means they aren't swabbing her entire body(put 2 and 2 together AP).  Ben deserves to be in jail and I think it's completely ridiculous that they aren't going to charge his ass.

That being said, there is a second round pick to be made.  Now some Steeler faithful really wanted an offensive lineman in the first round.  My answer to that, don't let Matt Cassel average 8.27 yards per pass against you and I won't (mockingly)draft the cornerback you so desperately need.  So throwing out that the Rams will probably make some retarded deal to get Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes was shipped to the one team that doesn't need another great off season signing, let's take a hard look at the offensive line. 

Whatever game the Steelers are playing has me confused.  They want to upgrade the offensive line, but four of five starters just got new contracts before the 2009 season.  Willie Colon missed his chance to sign with another team and must now sign his tender or go fishing.  All five starters are returning and it looks like a good squad to me.  Course I'm a Chiefs fan and I feel I haven't seen a good line since the untimely departure of Willie Roaf(I still think he was out to get us for some reason). 

Me personally, after recent events and the fact there are four quality quarterbacks on the board, I'm not really worried about the O-Line.  But I'm not an analyst or a Steelers fan so here we go. 

The interior line is where the Steelers need to bulk up.  There are plenty who believe Kraig Urbik, 6'5" 325 lbs., is poised to replace Chris Kemoeatu at left guard.  Urbik, 24 years old, was the 3rd round pick for the Steelers in the 2009 draft. He's a young guy with a lot of upside.(Still failing to see why line is a huge need.  Hoping a Steeler fan can clear this up for me) 

Kemoeatu is a 6'3", 324 lbs., 27 year old.  He sprained his right MCL and missed 4 of the last six games of the 2009 season.   He should be healthy and ready to go for 2010.

Justin Hartwig is a 6'5", 315 pound, 32 year old reliable center.   He didn't miss a game last season.(I'm starting to get frustrated)

Trai Essex is the starting left guard. He is a 6'5", 324 pound, 28 year old starter who didn't miss a game last season.(now I'm pissed)

Willie Colon.  The best in the bunch. A 6'3", 315 pound, 27 year old starting right tackle who didn't miss a game last season.(Do people really view this as their largest need in the draft?)

Finally, Max Starks.  A 28 year old 6'8", 345 lb. starting left tackle.(Whatever greedy ass Steeler fan)

So after seeing their starting line I'm ready to make my pick.

With the 50th selection of the 2010 NFL Draft, the  Pittsburgh Steelers select....


Jared Veldheer, OT Hillsdale

For no reason other than his immense upside, the fact that all of the rumblings surrounding the Steelers draft interests mention lineman, and the fact he is a damned good project to have.  His size and athletic ability make him one of the most intriguing lineman out there.  With a damn good starting five in front this pick makes no sense to me, but if you want a lineman Steeler fan, I got you a steal.

First round results are here.

Number Team Position Player Selected by
33 St. Louis Rams  WR Demaryius Thomas UCrawford
34 Detroit Lions  CB  Devin McCourty upamtn
35 Tampa Bay Bucs  DE Everson Griffen Larryemcdaniel
36 Kansas City Chiefs  WR Golden Tate ChiefsFan90s
37 Philadelphia Eagles (FromRedskins)  OLB Daryl Washington fairmont
38 Cleveland Browns  QB Jahvid Best HIV2Elway
39 Oakland Raiders  G Jon Asamoah mushin
40 San Diego Chargers (From Seahawks)  RB Jonathan Dwyer tomahawk44
41 Buffalo Bills  RB Tim Tebow ArrowDread
42 Tampa Bay Bucs (FromBears)  WR Eric Decker Larryemcdaniel
43 Miami Dolphins  NT Linval Joseph Sam D
44 New England Patriots (fromJaguars)  OLB Nawa'akoa Lisiate Foti Analeseanoa Misi stagdsp
45 Denver Broncos  CB Kareem Jackson kcsno56
46 New York Giants  OLB Eric Norwood CHIEFER
47 New England Patriots (fromTitans)  WR Damian Williams
48 Carolina Panthers  WR Arrelious Benn 
49 San Francisco 49ers  CB Patrick Robinson 
50 Kansas City Chiefs (from Falcons)
 DT  Torell Troup
51 Houston Texans  CB  Chris Cook ChiefsDude
52 Pittsburgh Steelers  OT Jared Veldheer  Godlovetheredman14
53 New England Patriots     stagdsp
54 Cincinnati Bengals     PSUkegreen
55 Philadelphia Eagles     fairmont
56 Green Bay Packers     tybme
57 Baltimore Ravens     Ben S
58 Arizona Cardinals     kirkismerff
59 Dallas Cowboys     dbowefosho
60 Seattle Seahawks (From Chargers)     Matt Conner
61 New York Jets     Matt_Grbac
62 Minnesota Vikings     ravenhawk
63 Indianapolis Colts     TheAngelsColts
64 New Orleans Saints     King of the Cassel

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