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Scott Pioli, Kirk Ferentz Haven't Talked About Bryan Bulaga

The Bryan-Bulaga-to-Kansas-City train began rolling within the last few weeks. One of the reasons for it was that Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz were close friends.

While that's the case, they haven't been talking about Bulaga, according to Peter King of

In the spy-versus-spy world of mock drafting, I've thought for a while that Bulaga was a natural to go to Kansas City at five. GM Scott Pioli is so close with Ferentz I thought at one point he might try to hire him as his head coach in Kansas City. But Ferentz told me he hasn't spoken with Pioli about Bulaga this offseason, and Pioli hasn't been to Iowa City since the fall.


I've previously wondered if the Chiefs have more information on Bulaga than anyone else because the Pioli/Ferentz relationship. Maybe they do but if that's the case, they haven't gotten that information this offseason.

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