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People Still Wondering How Todd Haley And Charlie Weis Will Co-Exist

The hiring of Charlie Weis to the Chiefs brought questions to Kansas City. 

Will the offense change? Does this affect draft plans? Who will call the plays?

We've answered most of those but one that remains is how Todd Haley and Weis will co-exist. As noted by various folks around the league, they're both "head-strong" guys. In my family, that's known as "The Old Man Thorman Syndrome", which means you're stubborn as hell.

[Editor's Note: Sorry, Dad.]

During ESPN's "On The Clock" segment with the Chiefs, ESPN's Chris Mortensen raised that question.

"These are two head-strong guys, and that's the one thing everyone wonders - how will Todd Haley and Weis get along?"

You know the story. Two strong personalities working together. We won't really know how this will work until they start playing on Sunday but we've previously heard Chiefs GM Scott Pioli express confidence that the marriage will work. His argument is that the personal relationship between the two is so strong that it wouldn't interfere with their professional lives.

Only five (!) more months until we find out. This is likely one of those things that will be raised anytime the national media talks about the Chiefs so get used to it. While I understand the reasoning behind such questions, I feel that this will be one of the most overblown aspects of the 2010 Chiefs.

It's Game Time.

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