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Some People Have Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga Graded As A Third Round Pick

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It seems as if we've come full circle on Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga. A few months ago, he wasn't on our radar for the Chiefs pick but over the past weeks and months, the buzz on him has been building so much to the point where there's a large group of folks that feel he's the pick for the Chiefs at No. 5.

Now, draftnik Tony Pauline reports that Bulaga is slipping in the minds of some.

"I left him in my No. 6 slot to Seattle for now, but there are some NFL personnel men who believe Iowa offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga is the most overrated prospect in this year's draft and say he could be the second coming of Robert Gallery once he gets to the league," Pauline writes.

We've heard this comparison before but is is it made because their skill-sets are similar or because it sounds nice since they both went to Iowa? Frankly, any failed Raiders pick should be taken out of the discussion because anyone and everyone who has walked through those doors in the last eight years has failed.

(OK, that's a stretch but you know what I mean.)

"It'll shock you when I say this, but I know some people have him graded out as a third-round pick,'' one league personnel man told Pauline this week. "A lot of pass rushers beat him badly last year. And if you watch that film, and add in that his arms are shorter than you'd like a tackle to have, how high can you take him? I know he's well-coached and has (Iowa coach) Kirk Ferentz's stamp on him, but there are some question about him and he's falling a bit in some people's eyes.''

Pass rushers may have beaten him but if the Chiefs draft him, I see him playing right tackle (at least to start). Most teams have their top pass rushers pitted against the opponent's left tackle so that's not a huge concern for me.

Still, though, the disparity between some of the grades is concerning. Views of him as a left tackle have been mixed. However, more people seem to feel he can be an excellent right tackle. That said, it's interesting that are red flags being thrown on Bulaga only days before the draft when before this he was considered one of the "safest" picks in the draft.

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