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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 4/18

Your Sunday edition of Arrowheadlines! Kansas City Chiefs news gathered from across the internet. Enjoy!

"With the third pick in the 2009 NFL draft," Goodell said, "the Kansas City Chiefs select Tyson Jackson, defensive end from LSU."

The crowd gasped. Some booed. Jackson’s name was a surprise, but other things were not. He filled a need on defense, and the college program that produced him was one the Chiefs seemed uniquely comfortable with. For three years in a row, the Chiefs made an LSU player their top draft pick.

Before Jackson, there was defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey at No. 5 overall in 2008. A year earlier, the Chiefs drafted wide receiver Dwayne Bowe at No. 23 overall.

Those players have something else in common: None has lived up to expectations or their draft slots. That trend is known now to the Chiefs’ organization, but perhaps it should’ve seen it coming earlier.

LSU churns out NFL players, but they aren’t living up to expectations from KC Star

"The football staff has decided that they don’t think a scrimmage is in their best interest," said Dave Williams, Western athletic director.

The scrimmage was expected to be the main source of revenue for Western. Williams said in October that it was a key component to keeping the training camp effort cost-neutral for the university.

Western will be responsible for most operation costs, such as security and maintenance. That’s expected to be about $400,000 to $500,000.

The scrimmage was expected to generate about half of that in revenue that would go entirely to the university and not the Chiefs.

Chiefs Nix Scrimmage Set for this Year's Training Camp from St. Joe News

Scott Pioli, the General Manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, held his pre-draft press conference on Friday and anyone expecting any kind of answer about the player or position that the Chiefs are targeting with the fifth pick in the draft came away empty-handed. Of course, with the draft less than a week away, smoke and mirrors should have been the decorating motif at Arrowhead Stadium.

Chiefs Pioli reveals little in pre-draft press conference from

5 Kansas City Chiefs

DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

Another defensive lineman? Suh will anchor the 3-4 defense.

The Star’s projected NFL draft from KC Star

THE RIGHT 53? – When it comes to intangibles, McCluster has plenty in his toughness and leadership ability. His versatility is attractive as well, as he can play running back, receiver and even quarterback on Wildcat type plays.

What he said (on whether he’s a running back or a wide receiver) – "I’ve done both of them. I feel comfortable at both of them. At running back I get the ball early and make decisions a little quicker. At receiver, I’ve got good hands and great stop and speed. The ability to [create] mismatches and create separation.

Draft Profile: Dexter McCluster from Bob Gretz

THE RIGHT 53? – Physically gifted athlete who takes nothing for granted and is well known at TCU for his work ethic. He was a leader of his defense over the last two years. Hughes did all this while maintaining his school work and should graduate next month. He willingly played special teams, even as a senior.

What he said – "I have to say I’m more prepared to play in a 4-3, because I had my hand on the ground for four years in college. But I can do both. I know I’m athletic enough to drop and do what the coaches need me to do.’

Draft Profile: Jerry Hughes from Bob Gretz

THE RIGHT 53? – Athletic, reliable, smart (3.3 GPA), available, comes from winning program, leadership: what doesn’t this guy have to contribute to any NFL team.

What he said – "There’s something about special teams in that you can just go hard, right at the guy in front of you, come hard on a punt block and it really stands out in a game. In the NFL, you can watch a guy who might not play a snap on defense but he can make a huge play on special teams and affect a game."

Draft Profile: Devin McCourty from Bob Gretz

THE RIGHT 53? – McCoy’s failure to handle his academics has to be a concern, especially at the end of the’09 season when he was suspended for the Emerald Bowl. It’s one thing to not go to class, it’s another to let down the entire team by not being available. He’s considered a hard worker and a tough player.

What he said - "I see myself as just me. I don’t like to pattern myself after anybody else. I bring a different thing to the game. I feel like I can do similar things that tight ends like Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates do. I don’t like to compare myself to them. I’d like to be better than them."

Draft Profile: Anthony McCoy from Bob Gretz

THE RIGHT 53? – He was a very good student at USF and has shown he’s dedicated to improving himself both mentally and physically. Coaches said it was like having a coach on the field, as Allen worked the defense and got players lined up in the right spots.

What he said – "I’m not perfect, but It feels good to know that the guys know I want to do everything right, on and off the field."

Draft Profile: Nate Allen from Bob Gretz

If his football career is over right now, Jordan Stevens would be content. But he wouldn't feel complete.


"I'm proud of what I've done at Maine," said Stevens, a Temple native who was one of the Black Bears' three captains last season. "I'm not really fulfilled. I want to play in the NFL."

The list of NFL prospects from Temple, Maine, isn't a list. It's Stevens' signature. Maine coach Jack Cosgrove said in the past week, the St. Louis Rams and the Miami Dolphins have called the Black Bears' football office looking for information on Stevens. On March 17, Stevens joined a handful of his teammates and worked out for scouts from the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs and the Canadian Football League's Calgary Stampeders...

..."I'm not really sure what to expect," Stevens said. "If anything happens, it will probably be through free agency."

Signing as a free agent after the draft isn't a bad thing. Last spring, Maine's Jovan Belcher signed a free agent deal with Kansas City and finished the regular season as the Chiefs' sixth-leading tackler.

From Temple to the NFL? from The Kennebec Journal

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Abner Haynes, 72, says veteran players such as Bradshaw served a vital role in NFL locker rooms by reinforcing a model of citizenship and self-discipline that was the hallmark of the Rooney family's franchise for decades. That kept young guns like Roethlisberger in line so that they could mature.


"In our day, we didn't tolerate that kind of behavior," Haynes said. "I'm not just talking about the accusations. I'm talking about chasing after women like that. Players today, hitting women like that. We had mentors in the locker room to teach us about what I call the 'ignorance of anger.' We had men who taught us the right way to treat women, and what was out of bounds.


"The way I see it is, if these sorts of allegations can involve a player from the Steelers, the Rooneys' Steelers, then it's time for all of us to sit down and start a conversation about this."

Steelers' off-field woes attributed to 'entitlement' jock culture from The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Asked his thoughts on the format, Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli said, "I like it, but it’s a little bit confusing to me because for 17 or 18 years it’s been the same for me – you start on a certain day, you start at a certain time. It is kind of like getting used to games Sunday at noon out here. That’s one of the things that I put down on my list of things to get better at this year is to make sure that I leave the house at the right time and get into a better routine on game day. The format change, I love the concept of getting through 32 players, sitting back, having almost 20 hours to regroup, look at the board again and then go into a round where we’re going to have a pick at 36 overall and 50 overall.

Inside the NFL: Character risks in draft are not worth the cost from The St Lous Globe-Democrat

Player Tweets

almighty31 Bout to hit a couple stores up
almighty31 In babies r us to get a couple things
almighty31 Maliyah jasmine Leggett wat y'all think?
almighty31 I'm now about to eat. I'm at chilis in independence wit my favorite waitress. That's not at hooters lol

Media and Fans

gregaiello The great Pulitzer Prize winning sportswriter Dave Anderson on the history of the NFL Draft, now in prime time.

Adam_Schefter RT @jermadams: any more big trades before the draft???? ... Depends on definition of big. Trades, yes. Big, I doubt.

Adam_Schefter RT @Davefrompa: Pre internet, I remember calling local newspaper for updates off wire. Thank you Al Gore! ... I used to call Sportsphone.

mortreport RT @bdawg0628: @mortreport..whats the chances the eagles trade up and draft eric berry? >> You can't rule it out #NFLDraft

SI_PeterKing RT @fletch416: Still putting your pay check on the Chiefs not selecting Berry, like you said on Sirius? ... No, tho I don't think they will

Jay_Glazer Hey everybody, my boy Jared Allen finally got on twitter. Follow him @JaredAllen69Inc

JoshLooney Wuldnt worry too much right now, not uncommon for rfa's RT @BryanMFish: @JoshLooney any word on how close they are to signing page

Adam_Schefter RT @OGOchoCinco: I can change my last name to HIMSELF, if I drop a ball announcer would say Carson Palmer has nobody to blame but HIMSELF

JoshLooney Oh...and they stopped serving beer 13 innings ago...epic

Adam_Schefter The details of what you need to know about where and when to watch the NFL draft on ESPN on Thurs, Fri and Sat.

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