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The Suh Scenario For The Chiefs

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Josh Looney of has an interesting read on the possibilities of Glenn Dorsey playing nose tackle in the Chiefs 3-4 defense. Ultimately, he concludes the idea is "not so far-fetched." There are a few things that I think would have to transpire for Dorsey to be seeing time at nose tackle, as Josh explains.

"If the Chiefs are going to explore a permanent position change with Dorsey," he writes, "the question immediately becomes focused on who would take over his starting role at the defensive end position. Playing a what-if game in regards to playing time seems silly at this time of year, but it’s something that the Chiefs front office must consider should something unforeseen alter the course of sailing on draft day."

It may be silly but I'll play the what-if game.

What if Ndamukong Suh falls to the Chiefs at five (however unlikely that is)?

Chiefs GM Scott PIoli hinted at his feelings toward Suh after he went to the Nebraska vs. Missouri game last October.

"There are a couple of top players on defense, or who are believed to be top players on defense who were playing in that game, one for Nebraska and one for Missouri, and a number of other interesting players," he said at the time.

That "one from Nebraska" would indeed be Suh.

That could be a situation where Pioli wouldn't let Suh slip past him despite defensive end arguably before one of the few positions the Chiefs don't need to address.

Detractors of the pick would point to Suh being the fourth defensive lineman drafted in the past four years and the third top five pick in the last three years. Frankly, they'd have a point.

My gut tells me that if Suh does indeed fall to the Chiefs, they'd snatch him up in a heart beat. Remember Pioli's words on Friday: "Like we do with other positions, we're going to collect as many good players as we can and then the players themselves will sort out who are going to be the best ones on the field."

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