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Dilfer: Chiefs Have The 'Slowest Defense I've Seen In Years'

ESPN conducted it's "On The Clock" segment for the Kansas City Chiefs and the 5th overall pick. The feeling from a few of the reporters on set was that the Chiefs were headed in the right direction with the new leadership team.

"There's no question, philosophically, they're on the same page," Chris Mortensen said.

However, there were some concerns expressed and former quarterback Trent Dilfer led the way.

"I look at the tape," Dilfer began, "and I see absolutely the slowest defense I've seen in years for the Kansas City Chiefs. And let me explain this -- it's not just slow foot speed.

"They do lack that as well but a lot of times players on defense play slow because they're confused. There's too much going on upstairs. When you're thinking too much, you can't play fast. It jumps out on the tape how slow this defense plays."

In my view, Dilfer's comments are spot-on and this is why: Clancy Pendergast was known for having a wide variety of defensive looks. and a lot going on, as Dilfer suggests. And last year at this time the Chiefs were a team playing the 3-4 with a lot of 4-3 players so the scheme switch likely caused some of what Dilfer is describing.

Take a look at the full video. By the end, Mel Kiper is offering to fix the Chiefs speed problem with a safety (Yes, that safety).

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