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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Talks About Glenn Dorsey Playing Nose Tackle

At Scott Pioli's press conference this afternoon, the Chiefs GM was asked an interesting question (that's been posed before).

What about Glenn Dorsey playing nose tackle?

His measurements -- listed at 6'1" and 297 pounds -- don't exactly scream nose tackle but it's an interesting thought.

Nick Wright of 610 Sports is the one who asked the question. He said he's heard there were some discussions going on about Dorsey and nose tackle.

Wright: "You mention Glenn Dorsey. I'm personally hearing from people close to the player that there have been discussions about him maybe playing nose tackle. Is that true?"

Pioli: "I think Glenn is a unique player in that he has the physical skill and body type to play numerous positions. Like we do with other positions, we're going to collect as many good players as we can and then the players themselves will sort out who are going to be the best ones on the field. It's like what you do with the offensive line. Find the five best guys and get them on the field."

Wright: "So he can play nose, specifically?"

Pioli: "He can do a lot of different things."

A very nice example of the non-answer answer. A Pioli specialty.

It's hard to take anything away from this because he doesn't really answer the question but I do think it's interesting that Wright brought this up. The Chiefs nose tackle situation is a big question mark.

Is Ron Edwards the starter again? Will it be addressed in the draft? Where does Shaun Smith fit in?

If you're looking for an answer to those questions, keep looking.

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