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Chiefs GM Pioli Isn't A Risk-Taker; Calls Offensive Tackles "Less Risky"


Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli met with the media moments ago and had some interesting thoughts about the 2010 NFL Draft.  He wouldn't get into specifics but did offer up a few nuggets on his philosophies regarding draft day.

"By nature, I'm not much of a risk-taker," he said. "There's people who have been very successful being risk-takers. Personally, that's not part of my make-up."    

And the "safest" position in the draft, if you ask the pundits, is the offensive line. The Chiefs have been rumored to be interested in Bryan Bulaga, who a lot of folks say could be an outstanding right tackle. 

So, is right tackle a need for the Chiefs? Enter a possible smoke-screen.

"I'm pretty comfortable with Ryan O'Callaghan," he said of the Chiefs 2009 right tackle. 

He calls offensive linemen, specifically tackles, "generally less risky" and cautioned against taking risks, even though he's done so in the past.

"The risk that you're taking, how much are you putting at stake? I'm not a Vegas guy."

This is right in line with what a NFL consultant told Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star last week -- expect the Chiefs to take a "safe" pick in the draft. Pioli likes safe picks and thinks offensive tackles are safe.

There's our first clue.

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