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What Are Your Plans for Taking In The 2010 Draft?

It's about that time. One week from tonight, the 2010 NFL Draft finally kicks off after what seems like eons of time since we first started hearing names like Eric Berry and Russell Okung banded about. With that said, we're curious as to what plans everyone has for this (momentous?) occasion.

Do you have special plans to watch it? You skipping the entire thing and just reading the results afterwards? Are you canceling everything else the entire weekend? Going to chart the progress along with other fans on Arrowhead Pride? We'd love to hear what you're thinking.

As for me, I'm taking it all in on those nights at home and plan on being on AP to offer some comments alongside many others (I assume). I'm also buying Eric Berry Cheesecake and Golden Tater Tots to sustain me. Okay, that's lame. But your turn.

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