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Three Chiefs Sign Their Tenders; Still Waiting On Page, Mays

Josh Looney of reports three Kansas City Chiefs signed their restricted free agent tenders today.

The big three are QB Brodie Croyle, C Rudy Niswanger and OT Ryan O'Callaghan. This basically means that they've signed one-year deals with the team.

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Earlier today, Mr. Looney said there's "no doubt" in his mind that Croyle will be back in 2010. He's likely the only one of those three that could've drawn some interest from other teams.

Two Chiefs have yet to sign their tenders -- S Jarrad Page and LB Corey Mays.

As Josh points out in his article, an unsigned tender is no cause for concern at this point. Over half of the offers around the league have yet to be signed.

After today, Page and Mays will no longer be able to negotiate with other teams. At this point, they can sign with the Chiefs, negotiate a new contract with the Chiefs or not play.

Josh explains the RFA process a little more including the next key date:

For those a bit confused with the RFA process, the next deadline to pay attention to is June 15th. RFA's who don't sign their tender by June 15th could see their 2010 salary reduced from their tendered amount to 110 percent of their 2009 salary. The June 15th deadline also means that RFA's could skip most of the off-season program without facing penalty.

So we'll mark June 15th on the calendar but if past history is any indication, the tenders should be signed by then.

(H/T ChiefMizzou09 and Larryemcdaniel)

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