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The Chiefs Must Consider Ravens Left Tackle Jared Gaither

The lady on the waterbed showroom commercial growing up always ended every 30-second clip with the same annoying phrase: "Our beds are chee-ee-eap!" And, Brandon Marshall aside, it seems that most NFL teams are advertising their own veterans with the same slogan overhead. With most desirable inventory now cleared out with the recent trades of the past week, there's still one item in the showroom worth considering by the Chiefs: Jared Gaither.

The 24-year-old left tackle has been the subject of posts here before, but for a quick run-down: young, 28 career starts, quality experience, fantastic size at 6'9" and 340 lbs. for manning the quarterback's blind side, great finisher. The worry? He needs to sign an extension to the team that's trading for him. The reason the Ravens are moving him? They just drafted Michael Oher, who's better suited for left tackle, and that'd be two high-money tackles on the same team -- a poor financial move.

So what's the cost? A second-round pick at this point, according to most analysts and news sources. The Chiefs have two coming into this draft and it's something to really consider. There's two reasons for this:

1. The Chiefs have money to spend. If you're going to put money into a position, left tackle is certainly the one to do it. And while many defend Branden Albert's play -- including Brian Waters, who called moving Albert "ridiculous" -- everyone realizes the Chiefs line could still use some help. The Chiefs are one of the league's thriftiest franchises at this point in the off-season, so there's definite financial room to make this deal.

2. The sheer value involved. If the Chiefs are going to address offensive line, and especially the tackle position, in this year's draft, there's no better way to spend a pick than a second-rounder for Gaither. The reason is that Gaither is a guaranteed good-to-great left-side starter. The only guys who qualify for that title in this draft will all be gone by the middle of the first round -- names like Trent Williams, Russell Okung, et al. There just might be some projects available in the second round. You also have lower ceiling performers like Roger Saffold from Indiana University. But there's no way you'll find high-ceiling, surefire, left tackle prospects available in the second round.

The draft is all about maximizing value and meeting team needs. Therefore, the only way the Chiefs don't need to make this trade is if they believe they are actually set at the offensive tackle positions. If that's the case, this entire post is rendered moot. But if the Chiefs are interested in upgrading with maximum value from Albert and Ryan O'Callaghan, they have something they should be considering.

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