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Former Chiefs Broadcaster Bill Grigsby Now A Hall Of Famer

Bill Grigsby is a Hall of Famer.

The long-time Kansas City Chiefs announcer was inducted into the Regional Media Hall of Fame in Joplin, MO -- his hometown, according to the Joplin Globe. The award, presented by the Missouri Southern State University's communications department, is designed to recognize his impact in the world of broadcasting.

Grigsby began his sports reporting career at The Joplin Globe and Joplin's WMBH radio. He worked in sports play-by-play broadcasting at WMBH, covering baseball stars such as Mickey Mantle when he played in Joplin. Grigsby's career with the Chiefs began in 1963. He retired in 2009, although he was quick to challenge the notion that he had really retired.

"I will never retire," he said. "When you retire, the party's over."

46-year career with the Chiefs. About 20 years longer than I've been alive.

He received a proclamation from the Joplin Mayor as well as the Missouri House of Representatives' Speaker of the House.

Kudos to Mr. Grigsby on a well-deserved award.

I'll let you share some Grigs memories in the comments. I can think of a couple myself.

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