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Thomas Jones Gets Jersey #20, Chris Chambers Gets #84

We pointed out earlier this week a photo of the Kansas City Chiefs running backs at a local elementary school. In that photo, new RB Thomas Jones was wearing jersey #20, which happens to be CB Donald Washington's number.

According to Mr. Looney at, Jones will wear #20 and while Washington will be switched to Larry Johnson's old number, #27.

We also pointed out a few weeks back that WR Chris Chambers -- #11 last year -- wanted jersey #84. He was successful in his efforts as Looney reports Chambers will indeed wear #84. He and WR Chandler Williams will flip-flop numbers.

Other notables include #65 Ryan Lilja, #74 Bobby Greenwood, #99 Derek Lokey, #62 Casey Wiegmann, #83 Jerheme Urban and #90 Shaun Smith.

And once again, we have a quarterback named Tyler wearing #4. Palka -- not Thigpen.

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