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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 4/14

Morning AP. We once again have your daily supply of Knasas City Chiefs news. A light day today.

In theory, the top five choices should be the top five players available in that year’s draft. Funny, how it doesn’t always end up that way. Even though the teams picking in the first five slots get a head start, they take just as many busts as teams picking at other areas of the first round.

What are the odds on getting a good player at one through five? 

There’s only one way to answer, and that’s look at the careers of those players selected at those spots. We started with the 2007 NFL Draft, since those players have been playing for three years and have left a track record. We went back 10 seasons, to the 1998 selection meeting:

Surviving The Top 5 … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Williams, of USC, in a perfect world may be more about the future than the present. He would give Todd Haley a talented receiver to work with and try to develop. Maybe the Chiefs won’t need him now, but someday, perhaps as soon as 2011, Matt Cassel will need a new go-to wide receiver.

By then, Williams should be the guy.

Second round: WR Damian Williams from The Red Zone

University of Michigan punter Zoltan Mesko conducted a private workout for the Atlanta Falcons today, according to an NFL source with knowledge of the situation.

And he's set to audition for the New England Patriots' special teams coach Scotty O'Brien on Friday, per our source.

Mesko has previously worked out for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs last week.

Source: Zoltan Mesko works out for Falcons, Patriots are up next from The National Football Post

But to read on a Baltimore Sun message board that "Ken Murray insinuates Gaither is a pothead" is wrong. To have the Kansas City Chiefs say they wouldn't trade for Gaither because of the blog's insinuation is silly. Once my blog hit, the insinuation hit the fan.

So let's clear the debris, folks: I didn't insinuate anything. I used an unfortunate, but to me innocent, phrase to describe Gaither's mindset. I regret that choice of words. I don't know if Gaither smokes pot or not. I don't even know if the Ravens would really trade him.

For me, this is a wakeup call. Not about reporting; I know how to report. It's about the bizarre blogdom we're all in now, and it's making journalism irrelevant. I can only shake my head at the thought.

Half-baked blog on Gaither from The Baltimore Sun

The Elite Football Academy, scheduled for June 23-25 at the South Sioux City High School fields, is a full contact camp for grades 9-12 on June 23-24 and a non-contact camp for grades 4-8 on June 25...

......and Casey Wiegmann, a former University of Iowa offenisve lineman whose pro career has spanned 13 seasons with the Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos.

Elite Football Academy set for June 23-25  from Sioux City Journal

THE RIGHT 53? – There’s no question that he’s a tough guy, coming back in three weeks from a broken forearm and playing in pain for the rest of the season. By fighting through inactivity early, he showed his determination as well.

What he said: "The comparison I’m getting is a little bit of Joe Flacco. But I’ve grown up admiring what Peyton Manning has done in the game, mentally. So mentally…studying the game, he’s someone I’d like to model my game after."

Draft Profile: Tony Pike from Bob Gretz

THE RIGHT 53? – Oh yes, this guy would be part of any coach’s right 53. He’s mature, intelligent, hard working, committed, versatile, personable and in recent seasons, available.

What he said – "That’s one of my favorite parts of football, doing kickoff return and punt return. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. I’m excited about the opportunity."

Draft Profile: Jordan Shipley from Bob Gretz

THE RIGHT 53? – Maturity is an issue here, a big issue, because Cox’s maturity is in major question. Everything he can provide physically gets reduced thanks to his arrests last year for speeding and driving with a suspended license, his suspension for missing curfew twice before the Cotton Bowl.

What he said – (about his suspension for the Cotton Bowl) "It was my fault. I shouldn’t have left. I take all the blame. Coach did what he had to do. I had to accept it. If I wouldn’t have left, it wouldn’t have happened."

Draft Profile: Perrish Cox from Bob Gretz

Player Tweets

GlennDorsey72 Shoutouts to the kids at Westwood Elemetary they went hard today!!!! Now it's nap time
BFlowers24 i asked for pain yesterda n im def gettn it in this tat shop
almighty31 Where am I. Truman lake now st Clair county lol
GlennDorsey72 Hell nah I stay on the lake so it windy RT @MissWinger: @GlennDorsey72 its cold up there?

Media and Fans

SI_PeterKing GM with WR need (but not interested in Marshall) just told me he now feels Den will get top-35 pick for him in trade. Higher that I thought.

WhitlockJason Todd Haley fancies himself a WR guru. Dez maybe most talent n draft. Character issues landed Moss n Minny, made Denny who we thought he was

SI_PeterKing RT @bbjsports: We keep hearing Dez Bryant's stock is falling. What do you hear? ... That Bryant will be a top-12 pick.

SI_PeterKing RT @matrix2pyro: Re Bryant & MMQB. Character issues? Shouldn't we be applauding this kid for overcoming his past? ... Preach it.

Adam_Schefter B. Marshall, Roethlisberger, S. Holmes, S. Bradford, D. McNabb - and we haven't even got to B. Favre yet. Is NFL off-season great or what?

mortreport This league almost never lets you sleep well.

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