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Chiefs DE Glenn Dorsey Viewed As NFL Draft Cautionary Tale

When the Kansas City Chiefs used the fifth overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft on LSU DE Glenn Dorsey, a lot of folks were excited around town. Dorsey was called by quite a few NFL analysts as the best and safest player in the draft. For the Chiefs, they finally got their defensive lineman after years (and years...and years) of trying.

Fast forward two years later and Dorsey isn't heard from very often.

Does that mean he's doing a bad job? No, not at all. In fact, I'd argue that he was one of the positives to come out of the 2009 season. A 3-4 defensive end shouldn't necessarily be heard from that often. Their job is to take up blockers to provide rushing lanes for the linebackers. It's not necessarily to create sacks (although that would be a pleasant byproduct).

However, the national media is viewing it differently.

To them, Dorsey is a cautionary tale on drafting defensive lineman high in the draft. Here's an article from the Detroit Free Press quoting Jon Gruden:

Jon Gruden brought up a few names. One was Dewayne Robertson, whom the Jets drafted fourth overall in 2003. Another was Glenn Dorsey, whom the Chiefs drafted fifth overall in '08.

"I don't think people have seen or heard from Glenn Dorsey," Gruden said today in a media conference call.

Gruden's broader point was that teams should be careful of labeling defensive linemen as "can't miss" but I thought this was an interesting look at what the position change has done for Dorsey's perception.

Even though I think most of us would agree he's a solid player, the 'un-sexy' position of a 3-4 defensive end has caused folks to virtually forget he was in the league.

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