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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 4/13

Good morning AP,and welcome to Tuesday. Once again, we've gathered your Kansas City Chiefs news for more convenient consumption. Bon Appetit.

At some point during the season, the Chiefs may not have enough playing time to keep running backs Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles happy.

That’s a situation of their own making, having been created last month when the Chiefs signed the veteran Jones to compete for playing time with Charles.

The Chiefs don’t appear to believe it will be a problem — and, for now at least, Jones doesn’t either.

Chiefs running back Jones doesn’t think playing time will be problem from KC Star

Having said that (and regardless of the order in the misbehaving equation), the sight of Pittsburgh parting ways with Holmes was indeed perceived as a necessary measure that nobody questions as of right now. However, the issue of the compensation remains an inflammatory subject, because the on-field success that Holmes exhibited during his Pittsburgh tenure led almost everybody to scream for League intervention when the trade was confirmed. Not because of what the Jets had to offer but rather of what the Steelers accepted. And to that I say…


For all I know, both parties should be conferred a degree of responsibility in this matter. Even though Holmes clearly holds the upper hand in designated blame, the Steelers are very much accountable in this fiasco because of their inadequacy to draw the proverbial line in the sand.

The Price Is Right from Bob Gretz

THE RIGHT 53? – Largely a tackle, there has been any indication that he could move inside to play guard, so there is little versatility. But coaches have to love his availability, starting 47 games over four seasons, missing only two when he decided to have knee surgery at the end of the ‘09 season.

What he said – "I’m getting a shot to play in the National Football League. At the end of the day, that’s all I can really ask for. I’m going to have to compete once I get there anyway so wherever I get taken, it’s a blessing and I’ll go from there. "

Draft Profile: Jason Fox from Bob Gretz

The words of Dean Vernon Wormer of Faber College came to mind:

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son."

That unforgettable scene from the Hollywood classic Animal House had Dean Wormer speaking to freshman Kent Dorfman who had just registered a 0.2 grade point average thanks to excessive partying as a pledge at Delta House.

District Attorney Fred Bright did not mention those words on Monday when he announced that Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger will not be prosecuted over an incident in early March in Milledgeville, Georgia. But he did tell the 28-year old quarterback that it was time for him to grow up.

Roethlisberger is the NFL’s version of Kent Dorfman. Big Ben is Flounder.

Ben Escapes Legal Sack … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Continuing our series making picks for the Chiefs in the upcoming draft with the first of their two second-round picks, number 36 overall.

Ever since the Chiefs traded Jared Allen, they’ve been dreadful in getting after the opposing quarterback. Hughes, from TCU, can help change that. He played defensive end in college but will make the transition to outside linebacker if he’s taken by the Chiefs.

Second round: OLB Jerry Hughes from The Red Zone

Rolle, a three-year starter at Florida State, bypassed the NFL draft in 2009 and spent the academic year as a Rhodes Scholar, studying at Oxford University in England.

He’d like to put medical school on hold for just a bit in hopes of playing in the NFL.

"Football has been part of my life since I’ve been 6 years old," Rolle said at the NFL combine when asked how committed he is to football. "I really do enjoy the sport. I missed it while I was over in England.

"I think my pursuits academically have helped me in football. You learn discipline, you learn time management, you learn structure, you learn organization, and as a football player, those are obviously valuable assets and traits you can use to be great, whether in film study or on the field. I want to transform all of the positive traits I’ve learned in the classroom and become an even better football player."

Safety Rolle seeks a future as football player before becoming a doctor from KC Star

With the 2010 NFL Draft set to begin on April 22, the Kansas City Chiefs will have the fifth overall pick in the first round, and two picks in the second round. Working with the NFL Network, FOX 4's Al Wallace participated in the "On The Beat Mock Draft', and gives his thoughts on what he thinks the Chiefs will do with their first round pick.

NFL Draft: Thoughts on Chiefs First Round Pick from FOX4KC

They say you can’t really interpret how good a draft is until three or more years out. If recent draft history has told anything, perhaps the smartest thing the Vikings have done in recent years was to finalize the trade with the Kansas City Chiefs that brought Jared Allen to Minnesota. Of all the teams in the NFL, there isn’t one that isn’t looking to add another pass-rushing defensive end. They’re around, but they’re hard to come by in the first round – a sad fact Vikings fans know all too well.

DE draft history makes Allen trade better yet from

Player Tweets

GlennDorsey72 First 48
GlennDorsey72 Thinkin bout goin to Alabama spring game this weekend... To go or not to go...
BFlowers24 kinda feel like being in pain. so i gonna get my entire side done tomorrow and mayb even the back...."yea this should hurt pretty good"
BCarr39 Pizza Hut or Papa John's???
GlennDorsey72 Watching Cocaine Cowboys

Media and Fans

KC_Chiefs1 Chiefs Community Caring Team – RBs Rally Local Students in Advance of MAP Testing - #chiefs #chiefscr

WhitlockJason Good concise statement by PacBen... Let me know when Rev. Herm melts down on ESPN or when Ridiculous Reilly demands PacBen go on Oprah.

Adam_Schefter When Ben Roethlisberger meets with Roger Goodell on Tuesday, his attorney David Cornwell and his agent Ryan Tollner will accompany him.

Adam_Schefter RT @MrMichael_Smith: Terry Bradshaw on Ben: "Our relationship is not any good. ... He doesn't like me and I'm learning not to like him."

Adam_Schefter QB Sam Bradford visits Rams today. Whether or not he can be signed before the draft will not affect whether St. Louis drafts him.

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