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Kansas City Version Of Todd Haley Is Toned Down

In Todd Haley's first year with the Chiefs, much was made of his coaching style. It was, to put it one way, intense. He yelled, ran up and down the sidelines and was generally very animated.

Believe it or not, that's the toned down Todd Haley, according to Chiefs WR Terrence Copper.

"With me," Copper told Soren Petro on the Red Zone Podcast last week, "it was kinda easier for me to adapt to his coaching style because when I came in as a rookie he was my position coach. He was a lot more fiery then than he is now so I was kinda used to it [when I got to Kansas City]."


"A lot of people think differently but Todd in his younger days -- not that he's old -- but a few years ago as a position coach, you would [say], 'Man he is calm and collected now'.


It's hard to argue that Haley wasn't the most animated coach -- good or bad -- in 2009. Some folks have said that's part of the problem and not the solution with the Chiefs but here's one player that feeds off of that.

This also goes into a little bit of how the media portrays Haley. His perception is that of a crazy man but, according to Copper's account in the rest of the interview, he's not like that.

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