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Chiefs RB Thomas Jones Not Worried About Splitting Carries

Thomas Jones is used to being the workhorse. In the last three seasons, he's been the primary runner for the Jets with season totals of 310, 290 and 331 carries. At his first introduction to the Kansas City media today, you can tell he's got the 'Body By Haley' part of it down. The man is fit.

But now that he's in Kansas City, he's not expected to be 'the man' when it comes to the run game. Instead, he'll be teaming with Jamaal Charles.

And that's fine by him.

"I signed here to help a team win," he said. "If I get five carries, I get five carries. If I get 25, I get 25. All I can do at this point is prepare for the season like I always have and let the chips fall where they may."

Good attitude. He also had some good things to say about Charles, who most feel is the long-term future at running back for the Chiefs.

"I think he's a great back," he said of Charles. "He's got great quickness, speed and vision. And he's tough. That's what it takes in this league. it takes heart and he's got heart.

"As far as my style, I try do do everything running inside and outside. I try make sure I'm great in pass protection, it's just as important running the ball. I think Jamaal does those things great, too."

Looks like running back has suddenly gone from one of the Chiefs weaknesses to a strength.

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