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Chiefs May Have Been Offered Santonio Holmes

This morning I was reading Andrew Crocker's piece over at Arrowhead Addict titled, "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME". The topic of course was Santonio Holmes and why the Chiefs didn't make a play for him.

Crocker's reasoning -- which I think makes sense -- is that Holmes, baggage or not, is more valuable than one of the Chiefs three fifth round picks.

Now, we hear that it's very possible the Chiefs had a shot at making the Holmes trade.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports the Steelers called "everyone" about a Holmes trade. The process started on Friday, PFT reports, and no one else was interested.

Would the Chiefs be one of the contacted?

Let's look at this: The Chiefs have plenty of draft picks to surrender, have expressed interest in receivers and obviously have a need at the position.

My guess is they were contacted because of those factors and knowing he wasn't part of the "right 53", declined.

I know some folks might be upset over this but the Chiefs have placed a premium on character guys and a good locker room. Holmes fits neither of those.

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