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Why The Chiefs May Not Be Interested In Ravens OT Jared Gaither

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The rumor mill has been churning in recent weeks suggesting that Ravens OT Jared Gaither is available -- perhaps for as low as a second round pick. This is a little surprising considering A) tackles are regarded as highly valuable, B) Gaither is young (24) and C) starting tackles generally aren't traded for second round picks.

Quite a few folks have been wondering if he might draw the Chiefs interest even though there's been no indication they are.

Here's a possible reason for his availability -- and a reason why the Chiefs might not be interested, courtesy of Ken Murray of the Baltimore Sun:

The Ravens should have takers for Gaither, if, in fact, they have had enough of his half-baked work ethic. Gaither would have a better starting point than raw rookies coming into the NFL, but those top rookies probably have a better long-term projection.

(Emphasis mine)

The Chiefs place a high priority on practicing well and taking care of yourself. Nowhere in the handguide for a Body By Haley does it read "half-baked work ethic".

So this means the Chiefs aren't interested? No, not necessarily.

This is just a potential reason why he wouldn't fit in Kansas City. If Gaither doesn't have the attributes of the "right 53", then I suspect, like the Chiefs "short board", he's not on their radar.