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Chiefs Working On A "Short Board" For The NFL Draft

There's a very interesting article this morning in the Denver Post courtesy of Jeff Legwold. Essentially it talks about Belichick proteges -- like Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels -- using a "short board" in the draft.

Most teams will essentially rank all the available players and call that their draft board. When it comes time to pick. you look at your highest ranked player (or need) and select from there.

Belichick proteges, on the other hand, tend to only rank the players that they feel fit their system -- a short board.

"While most teams list all potential picks on their draft board, with grades on everyone from potential first-round picks to rookie free agents, teams such as the Patriots, Broncos and Chiefs work from a much shorter list," Legwold writes. "Players who don't fit the team's framework, on or off the field, are removed from consideration before the draft starts.

"The result is a far smaller pool of players from which to choose."

Legwold writes that the rumor is one year Belichick had just 25 names on his entire board.

So that means some of these guys that are perceived as top five or top ten picks -- those that we think are in the Chiefs wheelhouse -- may not even be on their draft board. Like they're not even an option.

This makes me think of Tennessee NT Dan Williams. The Chiefs don't have him scheduled for a visit, which you would think they'd do if he was an option at the fifth pick. Is he not on the board at all? We don't (and likely won't) know the answer to that.

Very interesting read from Mr. Legwold. What I wouldn't give to get my hands on that list...

(H/T DNitch for the first FanShot)

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